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Introducing the iLs Focus System

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What is the iLs Focus System?

The iLs Focus System is a program for all ages designed to help improve brain and body function. The building blocks of a Focus Program – music, movement and language – begin by creating the foundational supports for body organization. With increased organization the brain is able to process information from our environment, maintain attention and learn.

By addressing brain function at a foundational level, we are able to help the patient become mentally and emotionally resilient, effective at school and more socially adept. Those who can benefit would be those who show delays or difficulties in:

  • Concentration/Attention/Memory.
  • Speech, Language.
  • Writing and Reading Comprehension.
  • Social communication and behavior.
  • Motor skills and balance.
  • Processing speed.
  • Sensory processing.
  • Stress, feeling anxious, overwhelmed

How we integrate the Focus System:

Auditory Component

The Auditory Component involves listening to treated music selections that are organized in into five programs which will help achieve our goals of improving brain function and skill acquisition. These programs are designed to follow a specific structure which gently and gradually transitions the listener from one phase to the next:

  1. Sensory & Motor Program (60 sessions)

Addresses poor balance and coordination, motor difficulties, low muscle tone and spatial awareness

  1. Concentration & Attention Program (40 sessions)

Enhances body integration, mental focus and attention

  1. Reading & Auditory Processing Program (40 sessions)

Improves language and reading comprehension, mental focus, sustained attention and working memory

  1. Optimal Performance I & II Programs (two versions, 24 sessions each)

Improves creativity, motivation and information processing speed. Also helps alertness and awareness

  1. Calming Program (two versions, with or w/o Chant, 10 sessions each)

Helps acclimate to wearing headphones and is designed to help calm and relieve stress prior to starting

What gives these programs their distinct design is the number of sessions spent emphasizing each frequency range, as they each contain the full spectrum of sound for human hearing. Building on that, the auditory component will deliver the music through specialized air and bone conduction headphones to engage both the auditory and vestibular systems.

Movement Component

Done in conjunction with the Auditory Component, these activities serve to “wake up” the brain through increased input to higher brain structures. Further, they will heighten coordination, balance, motor planning and focus to establish a firm foundation for higher learning. The main sections are as follows:

  1. Core strength
  2. Visual tracking
  3. Body awareness in space

Find out more:

For more information, call us at (210) 507-7979 and ask us how this new system can benefit you!

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