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Vision & ADHD

Vision and Cognitive Development

The signs of ADD/ADHD and vision problems overlap. Children with vision problems can show poor attention with classroom work and homework. Teachers and parents will often notice children taking frequent breaks, avoiding reading or becoming fidgety as their eyes fatigue.

Vision problems do not cause ADHD, but they can be mistaken for ADHD. Vision issues should be ruled out in children where a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD is being considered.

Vision issues such as farsightedness, eye teaming problems, and focusing problems can affect a child’s ability to sustain attention during reading and desk work. Research has shown that children with convergence insufficiency are more likely to have a diagnosis of ADHD, and score higher on the Conners Test even when they don’t have ADHD.

The following chart compares the symptoms of ADD/ADHD with those of vision problems.

ADHD Chart

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